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Good Fish

WA Local and Seasonal Cookbook

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Cooking Classes & Events


Cornucopia now hosts intimate cooking demonstration/dinner parties out of our home. The Chef's Table will feature local, seasonal ingredients on a constantly-changing menu that is custom designed for your group of 4, a 1 1/2 hour cooking demonstration, and after, a sit-down meal that we all share together. If you are interested in this combined dinner and cooking demonstration, just send us an email. Cost: $110 per person.

Learning something new is one of life's greatest joys. In cooking, one never lacks for new information. Whether it is in the form of a new recipe, ingredient or method, it's clear that the process of cooking is as interesting and fulfilling as the final product.

Each ingredient and every dish has a story to tell: who grew it, where it came from, the history of place and culture that surrounds a recipe. Cornucopia instills in students an appreciation for the raw materials that form the backbone of every good dish. We also stress the healthful aspects, both for you and our environment, of buying locally grown, organic produce and meat that is produced humanely.

Based in Seattle, WA, Cornucopia offers two different ways to have fun while expanding your culinary skills: Cooking Demonstration Parties and Private Cooking Lessons . Cornucopia has had great success using dinner parties and cooking demonstrations as a creative way to do Fundraisers .

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